Best AI framework for Object Identification

Hello everybody,

Since YOLOv5 and YOLOv9 are broken for Jetson Nano, can anyone suggest a different framework for Object Identification that works well on Jetson Nano?

Greatly appreciated!


Duplicated with YOLOv5 no longer works on Jetson Nano - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums

No I beg to differ. here I am asking for AI Frameworks that aren’t YOLO. I only listed the issue with YOLO as a reference.

and since you work for NVIDIA why don’t you list some solutions that aren’t based on YOLO, please.


Have you tried Deepstream for YOLOv5?
For JetPack 4, the latest Deepstream version is v6.0.1.


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