Best Approach for Streaming to Amazon Kinesis?


Im using the python bindings for Deepstream 5.0 on a Jetson Xavier. I would like to stream the final result to Amazon Kinesis, but am a bit unsure about how to do this.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could accomplish this?

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It needs some time to investigate the request. Will be back soon.

For Kinesis, AWS has provided the gstreamer solution to transfer video/audio, Example: Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK GStreamer Plugin - Amazon Kinesis Video Streams

What on earth do you want to stream to Kinesis?

Thank you, will have a look into this! I am streaming a person detection algorithm to a custom interface via Kinesis.

Would you be able to give me a little more guidance on how I can integrate this with my python application? I can see how to install the GStreamer kinesis plugin but am uncertain where to go from there. Thank you

What kind of guide do you need? Can you elaborate your requirements in detail?

Ive got a python application that uses deepstream to detect a number of objects using a custom trained Yolo model. Ive got 3 inputs from usb cameras. You can find the code Here

I would like to stream the output of the algorithm including detection boxes etc, preferably of all 3 cameras in a single multitiled frame to kinesis. Hipe this gives you enought detail. Thanks for your help

According to the code in Python USB Camera Deepstream 5.0 Sample with Multiple Cameras? - Intelligent Video Analytics / DeepStream SDK - NVIDIA Developer Forums, currently your pipeline is to display the osd + tiled video with “nveglglessink” plugin. If you want to send the same video to Kinesis, you may need to modify your pipeline to replace the “nveglglessink” with " nvvideoconvert + nvv4l2h264enc + h264parse(stream-format=avc alignment=au) + kvssink"

Hi Fiona,

This makes sense, I’m just still not sure how exactly to implement this in my code… What might this look like in python?


Are you familiar with gstreamer python? If so, you can refer to deepstream python samples for the deepstream pipeline build and run.

If you are not, please learn the gstreamer programming and gstreamer python programming first. There are some third party resources.
Python GStreamer Tutorial (