Best cameras for Jetson

@snarky thank you for the information,
I have ordered a PCI to USB converter to use 2 cameras with that and the other two cameras with the USB hub.

By re-building the kernel you mean to say… I have to build external kernels and apply them in the patch?

I am new to TX2, is it possible to guide me through installing kernels and updating it to get the desired result and make PCI working?

Thanks in advance

for information concerning re-building the kernel you may refer to the thread

Dear All,

We are looking for a camera supplier with automotive grade solutions.
Therefore plastic non fixed lens prototype cameras are not suitable for us.
If you can suggest a company how has products with such level of maturity would be a great help.

Thank you!


Thanks for this informative thread :)

@JerryChang @jazza @snarky @_av
Can you shed your expertise on solutions requiring cameras to be connected at a distance of 4-5m ?

I see that almost all SerDes involving cameras are very pricey…is there any low-cost solution ?

hello pradan,

you may check this table, Jetson Partner Supported Cameras, which lists cameras supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform.
please also contact with Jetson Preferred Partners for camera solutions.

Check out MIPI-CSi-2 camera modules:

Can I use e-CAM50_CUNX for Jetson AGX Xavier?


Yes, you can use e-CAM50_CUNX for Jetson AGX Xavier. Please write to “” with your application requirements. Our camera experts will assist you.


Thanks for reply. I tried to send an email to “” but unfortunately it accepts emails only from internal users.
Then I wrote an email to “” and got the unexpected answer that I should send the email from corporate email or .edu.

Does sell cameras only for corporate clients? I wanted to try e-CAM50_CUNX for my Jetson AGX Xavier, is it possible to buy a single device for my pet project? If so, how can I contact support about details?



You can buy a single device directly from our webstore: Buy e-con's USB Cameras | Modules | Boards | SOM