Best uses for sinthetic media in Latin America

Hi, I work as a PM for a media company in Argentina. I was wondering if anyone has an example of Nvidia tech being used for media as:

  • Graphic creations for streams
  • Ai-related uses as ChatGPT for news
  • Virtual hosts

I´m part of Media Party which is an event that for the last 10 years has facilitated the intersection between the media and technology industry in an innovative, international, and “hands-on” way. All those years it was based in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and now we are taking the event to Chicago in April focused on synthetic media.

If you want to know more go to

Let´s share the best uses for Ai in media!

Sounds interesting! Wish it took place on argentina again, closer to Peru :,)

My team and I are working on generative AI for video, in other words, generating a video from text.
It’s in very early stages but we are advacing very fast considering we started in late december:

Donald Trump walking in the stage

Spiderman walking in the stage (1)
(Input image: Man dancing)

We plan on training larger models with much higher accuracy: GitHub - chavinlo/TempoFunk: (pseudo) Make-a-Video with stable diffusion

We also made a wrapper for Nvidia’s TensorRT into an easy-to-use HTTP API for stable diffusion. Plus some extra features such as prompt weighting and extension which you can see here: GitHub - chavinlo/sda-node: Stable Diffusion Accelerated. Node Module.

Hi! Amazing Job!, we are doing Media party at Buenos Aires but in early October!

How can we keep in contact?

create realistic special effects, enhance visual effects in movies, and bring fictional characters to life. It can also be used to dub movies and TV shows into different languages, making them more accessible to diverse audiences.