ChatGPT & Omniverse Livestream [Wed. April 5 at 12pm PST]

Did you know developing custom AI tools for 3D workflows is easy in NVIDIA Omniverse? Our Wednesday, April 5th livestream at 12pm PST, “Experimenting With Generative AI Using ChatGPT and Omniverse” will be a show and tell with plenty of time for Q&A! Check out the Medium article for more details: How ChatGPT and GPT-4 Can Be Used for 3D Content Generation | by NVIDIA Omniverse | Mar, 2023 | Medium

From the blog:
"While this is just a small demo of what AI can do once it’s connected to a 3D space, we believe it will open doors to a wide range of tools beyond scene building. Developers can build AI-powered extensions in Omniverse for lighting, cameras, animations, character dialog, and other elements that optimize creator workflows. They can even develop tools to attach physics to scenes and run entire simulations.

We are working on making this and other experimental generative AI examples available to Omniverse creators and developers soon. You can check out some of our initial AI research projects in Omniverse AI ToyBox.

You can start integrating AI into your extensions today using Omniverse Kit and Python. Download Omniverse today to get started.

We encourage other developers to try building on the extension or creating their own generative AI extensions for Omniverse. Join the Omniverse community livestream to ask our expert generative AI team: Experimenting With Generative AI Using ChatGPT and Omniverse, next Wednesday, April 5, 2023 at 12:00 PST."

Join us on Wed. April 5 at 12pm Pacific on:
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