An Omniverse Creators and Developers Guide to GTC Spring 2023

You are invited to join us online March 20-23 for GTC. Register for free to access the latest NVIDIA Omniverse sessions and special events covering generative AI, metaverse, Universal Scene Description (USD), digital twins, and more.

Don’t forget to add the GTC Keynote [S52226] on March 21st at 8:00 AM PT, to your calendar to get insight into the latest technology breakthroughs NVIDIA is making across industries.

The Omniverse User Group [SE52407] will also be making a digital return on Tuesday, March 21 at 4:00 PM PT. Come get a behind-the-scenes look at the latest releases and ecosystem partners, see how we support our community of artists and developers, and learn what resources are available for users interested in building custom extensions and applications.

For those located in Asia, our China team will be hosting a User Group Watch Party [WP52047] with curated content on Wednesday, March 22 at 7:00 PM PT/Thursday, March 23 at 10:00 AM CST.

We have sessions for creatives and developers of all disciplines. Here’s a curated list of all the MUST SEE sessions:

Recommended Sessions for Generative AI

  • S51850 - Learn How Artists Use Generative AI in their Workflows
  • S52090 - How Generative AI is Transforming the Creative Process: Fireside Chat with Scott Belsky (Adobe) and Bryan Catanzaro (NVIDIA)
  • S52163 - 3D by AI: How Generative AI will Make Building Virtual Worlds Easier
  • S51071 - Modeling and Simulations Meet AI: AI for Science and Art
  • S51754 - Unlocking AI to Build the Metaverse

Recommended Sessions for Digital Twins

  • S51560 - Building a Digital Twin of the German Rail Network to Deliver Next-Generation Railway Systems
  • S51520 - Driving the Future of Smart Factories With Cloud-enabled Digital Twins
  • S51494 - Creating Digital Twins and Simulations of Industrial Robotic Workcells for Smart Factories
  • S52063 - Leveraging Omniverse and Metropolis Microservices Platforms to Optimize Warehouse Operations
  • S51581 - Accelerating the Energy Transition With AI, Simulation, and Industrial Digital Twins
  • CWES52086 - Connect With the Experts: How to Build a Digital Twin in Omniverse

Recommended Sessions for Synthetic Data Generation

  • S51663 - 3D Synthetic Data: Simplifying and Accelerating the Training of Vision AI Models for Industrial Workflows
  • S51570 - Generate Synthetic Data of Dynamic Environments with a Custom Isaac Sim-Based Framework
  • S51598 - Using Synthetic Data Generation of Grid Infrastructure to Automate Drone Inspection
  • S51052 - Automating Synthetic Point Generation Sim in the Cloud

NVIDIA Omniverse Sessions for Creators

  • S51239 - 3D Art Goes Multiplayer: Behind the Scenes of Adobe Substance’s “End of Summer” Project With Omniverse
  • S52163 - 3D by AI: How Generative AI Will Make Building Virtual Worlds Easier
  • S51360 - Custom World Building With AI Avatars: The Little Martians Sci-Fi Project
  • S51496 - Accelerate the Virtual Production Pipeline to Produce an Award-Winning Sci-Fi Short Film
  • S51845 - AI-Powered, Real-Time, Markerless: The New Era of Motion Capture
  • SE52117 - 3D and Beyond: How 3D Artists Can Build a Side Hustle Building Digital Twins and SimReady Assets

NVIDIA Omniverse Sessions for Developers

  • S52017 - How Universal Scene Description (USD) Can Become the “HTML” of the Metaverse
  • S52054 - An Overview of Universal Scene Description (USD) for Building Virtual Worlds
  • S52058 - How to Start a Business on Omniverse
  • S52057 - Building Tools for the Metaverse on Omniverse Kit
  • S51304 - Real-Time Industrial Simulation Inside Omniverse With Visualization Software and a 3D Avatar Tool
  • S52046 - Digital Twins in Augmented Reality with Omniverse, Holoscan, and Magic Leap
  • S51492 - Sharing Physically-Based Materials Between Renderers With MDL
  • S51654 - Design. Experience. Build: A/B Testing Future Structures and Environments Using Immersive Technology and Metrics
  • SE52348 - Developer Breakout: Building Extensions and Apps on Omniverse

NVIDIA Omniverse Sessions for Enterprise

  • S52018 - Are We There Yet? A Status Check on the Industrial Metaverse
  • S51055 - Getting Started on Running Omniverse Enterprise in the Cloud
  • S51344 - How General Motors Explores Future Automated Workflows Using a Single Live USD Dataset with Omniverse
  • S51560 - Building a Digital Twin of the German Rail Network to Deliver Next-Generation Railway Systems
  • S52298 - Emerging Tech in Animation Pre-Production
  • CWES52086 - Connect With the Experts: How to Build a Digital Twin in Omniverse

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