Better GPU for training & Inference & Execution LLModels


Dear Community,

I’m quite new in this Pre-Trained DL Transformers worlds and Im looking for the proper GPU for my Workstations to train and use LLModels for various purposes.

Im not expert in hardware and basically I need your help for choosing the proper GPU for my needs. I want to train and use open source models like these:

  • LLama ccp- Vicuna 13B
  • LLama 2 70B
  • Zephyr 7B
  • Mistral 7B
  • Claudes
  • GPTs
  • Wizard

But I don’t know which criteria apply to choose the propse GPU with the proper ratio performance / prize.

Simple questions:

  • Nvidia Titan, Quadro, Tesla, GeForce?
  • 8GB, 16GB, 24GB or more (I would like to even train models with 70B)
  • Which parameters I need to take caregfully into account?

Im quite lost yet here, and I would appreciate someone expert in this to shed light on these shadows.

Thanks so much in advance


TensorRT Version:
GPU Type:
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