Black screen instead of Windows Interactive Login Disclaimer


We get a black screen immediately after login for approximately 15 seconds with PCOIP or a black screen which never renders when using BLAST. The screen which should display is the Microsoft Interactive Login disclaimer which shows our terms and conditions of access. Pressing enter or space acknowledges the disclaimer after which login continues.

Horizon View 7.7.0
Connection Server 7.7.0-11038474
Horizon Client 4.10.0-11021086
Horizon Agent 7.7.0-11054235

Nvidia Grid P4 or Tesla M10’s
412.16 Drivers
Window 10 1803 Release

vSphere 6.5U2d

Anyone seen this or know how we can resolve it?


We are having the exact same issue with 6.7 U1 and Horizon 7.7. The disclaimer pop-up seems to be behind the black screen. Hitting the space bar selects "Ok" behind the black screen and login continues. Did you find a fix for this?

Thank you!

No solution. VMware don’t have a solution, nor do Nvidia. Move the disclaimer to the underlying physical end point and it makes it a bit better. You still have a 8 second delay though. Neither vendor have anything for this. Sorry