Black screen after installing driver software

I have been successfully been able to install 369.71_grid_win8_win7_server2012R2_server2008RS_64bit_international.exe on my golden image. Note: Enviorment is VMware View 6.2.1. After rebooting the VM all I get is a black screen. The device is powered on but nothing is displayed.

I found another post about this and was suggested to increase total video memory to the max (128MB) but the issue still occurs.

Any suggestions on what else I can try to get past this issue?


Thanks for the info. I am able to connect to it via Remote Desktop Connection but it appears I shouldn’t connect to it that way the first time.

I’ve tried connecting via VMware Horizon Client with the IP address of golden image but won’t connect.

Maybe this is more of a VMware question but how else can I connect to the VM?

You can disregard this comment. I have figured that out.

I have the same problem.

But not only with the console. I can only connect with remote desktop protocol to the VM with vGPU.

With PCoIP or VMware Blast protocol I only get the black screen and after a while a very bad picture of the windows background of the login screen which is only a part of the screen and looks really bad and you can see the pixels of the picture.

With RDP protocol no problem. vGPU is installed and working. Problem comes after installation of nVIDIA GRID K1 drivers and reboot.

Using vSphere 6.0 and ESXi 6.0 and nVIDIA GRID K1 in a Dell PowerEdge R730 server.
Horizon View newest version, nvidia driver newest version

Did you every figure out this issue? Have the exact same problem. Can RDP to system, but PCOIP via Vmware Direct Connect Agent causes black screen on logon and disconnects after a few minutes.