Horizon View 7 - Nvidia K2 Grid - BSOD on Windows10 desktop


I am currently trying to setup a new Horizon solution with the following spec:

Lenovo x3650 M5 - with 1 Nvidia GRID K2 card.
Vsphere 6.0U2 + Vcenter 6 with the latest patches.
Vmware Horizon 7 standard.
Nvidia GRID vGPU software vsphere VIB installed and drivers for W10 (369.17)
The test image/template is using Win10, with all the latest patches.

When the test pool has made the first desktop, it stops on "customizing".
The console view of the vm is all black(by design), so I use RDP to connect to the vm.
After 20-30seconds of logging in, the RDP-session disonnects, and in the console I see a BSOD saying:
Error: VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE (nvlddmkm.sys)

Any suggestions of where to look? Any known issues?

That is a certified server+GPU combination http://www.nvidia.com/object/grid-certified-servers.html so you should be able to get support from Lenovo (for the hardware only cards e.g. K2/K1 support is via the OEM) and they can raise it into our support queues if needed.

They’ll be able to check BIOS, power supply etc all set up. TDR is a timeout when windows OS loses communication with a GPU, so it’s worth checking you don’t have any power saving/go to sleep functionality turned on associated with the OS.

This could well be a Microsoft issue as the problem sounds like it’s with the windows VM “seeing”/“talkign to” the GPU…


I did do a full firmware Upgrade of the host before installing the OS and software With Lenovo BOMC.
And I’ve contacted them to see if they have any good suggestions.

The golden image VM was working without any issues before adding the K2 in Win10 as a gfx-card.

Regarding it being a MS-issue, it seems they say the opposite:

I will certainly check the powersaving-settings.
Thank you!