VMware Horizon View and GRID K2

Hi guys,

The latest driver to support the GRID K2 card on VMware Horizon View is:

320.49 WHQL

Release Date:

However the solution is still not fully supported pending a new driver from Nvidia (Some of the improvements needed from what I have researched are multi-monitor support, vDGA, stability of the driver to be the primary driver even after reboot).

Does anyone here work on these drivers? Nvidia support said they didn’t know when the next driver will be released.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Many thanks


Hey eucluke,

I’ve also run into the same issue using a K2 card. Been fine for vSGA but had issues when trying to get it to work with vDGA (having to disable SVGA to get it to use the K2 card when connecting via PCoIP and that not surviving a reboot). From what I’ve read others haven’t had an issue with using any of the Quadro cards for vDGA which is a bit annoying.

If you’ve managed to find a way around this or if you (or anyone else!) has found out when the next driver is out to resolve this then that would be ace.



Hi George,

Yup if I receive any more information on this I will post in this thread.

As far as I can see, the next driver which should solve some of our issues is in 326.19 Beta:




Thanks for the info Luke, hopefully the 326.19 release (and subsequent releases) will resolve the issues. It’s not a deal breaker at the moment as the cards are being used as part of a pilot so teething problems are expected but I would rather get it sorted sooner rather than later :)