Need Latest driver for Windows 2016 server with Grid K2

Hi All,
I need latest driver Windows 2016 server with Grid K2 i got NVIDIA Windows drivers for vGPU version 370.21 but this is not the latest.

4.x branch. 4.8 is the latest driver available for K2.
What’s the issue with downloading the latest driver from our website?


Is it the latest drivers set as my vendor tells us that "Schlumberger support are now recommending that we use NVidia driver version 377.11"

and i can see drivers on the URL is for Operating System: VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0 will it work for windows 2016 Physical server.

Currently attached are the screenshot of drivers which i can see so i am not sure which drivers my machine is using.
Is it Matrox G200eh or NVidia 370.21.

For sure the guest driver is compatible with Windows. If you need a newer driver you need a new GPU. K2 is EOL for a long time already and R367 is the latest branch supporting K2.