Grid on k2 for esxi 6.7 driver

my server system is esxi 6.7,server is dell r730xd,display card is grid on k2,now can’t find the k2 driver for esxi 6.7


You’re trying to use a GPU from 2012 / 2013 that’s been superseded 4 times, with a recent Hypervisor. It isn’t supported.

You need a supported GPU (Maxwell or newer) or an older Hypervisor version (ESXi 6.5) in combination with GRID 4.x. That said, the GRID 4.x branch is only supported until December 2019 (just over 2 weeks as I write this).

It makes far more sense to use a slightly newer GPU that has support for the foreseeable future, rather than using a superseded GPU with modern software stack.