XenServer 7.1 and GRID K2


With todays release of XenServer 7.1 we found out that NVIDIA is not supporting Grid K2 with XenServer 7.1.
As a longtime customer of GRID ( since the release of K2 ) we were very unhappy by this news.
We were waiting on XenServer 7.1 ( with all the nice new features ) to create one XenServer 7.1 pool with all of our hosts ( 8 hosts with K2 and 4 with M60 ).

Now we can’t use features like PVS Accelerator on our “old” hosts due to Nvidia unwilling to create a driver for 7.1.

We feel that we are left in the cold by Nvidia. We are a happy and longtime user of GRID but suddenly most of our servers can’t be updated because Nvidia stops supporting K2.

Is there no possibility to get a GRID K2 driver for XenServer 7.1?

Same problem for M60 at the moment - no NVIDA Driver released yet ;)


I created this topic before I got an reply on twitter because @RKossen is my twitter account.
But it is great to see that NVIDIA is listening to the community

It’s nearly the end of the quarter, any news if the driver maintenance release is still coming in Q1?

I have customers wanting to deploy or upgrade to XenServer 7.1 but having to hold off for now.


Yes, drivers have been available for nearly a week now.


Hi Ben,

maybe we need to add that the drivers currently are only available through GRID portal, not on the NV downloads page. We will release the K1/K2 drivers on the NV downloads page soon.