Xenserver 7.2

I’m looking to upgrade to Xenserver 7.2 as soon as I can to take advantage of the vGPU migration feature. Is there a timeline for a driver release that supports the new version and this feature? Thanks!


No rush, the Live Migration of vGPU enabled VMs is not currently available in XS 7.2. You need to register for the Early Access Program which will be available in Q3 to play with that feature.




We’ve just installed 16 new XenServer 7.2 with M10 Gpu in it. Do we have a more precised release date for the K2 drivers?


XenServer 7.1 was the last version to offer support for the Kepler GPUs. There will be no K1 / K2 GRID drivers available for XenServer 7.2 or later. The same applies for ESXi 6.5. This is the last version that will support K1 / K2 GPUs.

This is mentioned in the release notes for the current GRID 4.3 software. Image is attached for reference.

XS 7.2 - GRID 4.3.jpg

Just running into this problem with my K2. Is this a Citrix issue of not supporting the Kepler cards anymore?

No, it’s NVIDIA not wanting to support out of date hardware on the latest Hypervisors.

XenServer 7.1 is the latest version you can run with Kepler hardware and vGPU. You can still use Passthrough though if needed …