XenServer 7.5


when will XenServer 7.5 be supported?


Most likely with the next vGPU minor release.

When can I expect this minor release? Days or weeks?

I cannot comment on release dates. We release a new version every few months. Last release was in April…

Only if you have a Lab or Dev environment … myself and a few of the other NGCAs have been playing around with 6.1 on XS 7.5. The XS 7.5 Kernel hasn’t changed, so 6.1 does work. However, it is completely unsupported, hence the requirement for a Lab or Dev environment.

To get it to work, you need to use the "XS 7.5 Update.iso" and install XS 7.5 as an "update". Then it will retain the GPU Manager after it completes.

If you use the "XS 7.5 Base Install.iso" and "upgrade" your Pool / Host, this will remove the GPU Manager and you will NOT be able to reinstall it.

Again, please note this is completely unsupported, and you do this at your own risk. So a Lab / Dev environment will be required.


Indeed, GRID 6.2 with XS 7.5 support was just released over the past weekend. There is also a new license manager, but I’m not sure it’s required to run 6.2.