Error in Application after upgrading to xenserver 6.5 /vGPU K1 K2


we had a few Desktops running smoothly with nvidia grid and vgpu on xenserver 6.2

Now, we had to activate "Above 4GB Support on our Dell R730 with K1 and K2 Card" to get no error from the Dell Bios.
After that we upgraded to Xenserver 6.5 because 6.2 cannot handle the "Above 4GB Configuration".

Everything looks good, nvidia-smi gives nice output of both cards. But the Virtual Machines, which show correctly the K1 or K2 in Nvidia Control Panel cannot start Cinema 4D or Adobe Photoshop anymore without error. (It says to update the Grafic Card Driver). But Driver is latest, belong to the xenserver6.5 graphic driver bundle.

When i would setup a xen6.2 the vms pretty sure will run smoothly again. Any Ideas would be appreciated. Greetz

Did you try installing the 64-bit NVIDIA driver for XS 6.5 NVIDIA-vgx-xenserver-6.5-340.57.x86_64.rpm ?

That is odd, because on a Dell 720 it was not an issue and it also contains both a K1 and K2. What driver version have you currently installed?

Hi Christian,

Try upgrading to this driver (v.341.44):NVIDIA GRID VGPU SOFTWARE RELEASE 340.78/341.44 | 341.44 | Citrix XenServer 6.5 | NVIDIA

Does it resolve the issue for you?

Hi Christian,

As Tony’s pointed out, there’s a new driver set that’s been released just a couple of days ago which has resolved a similar issue for another forum member.

that thread is here.

I personally would be very interested to know if the problem only appeared when you upgraded to XenServer 6.5, or whether you also introduced new server hardware at the same time.