XenServer vMotion

When will the driver for XenServer 7.4 with vMotion support be released?


soon :)

Can I expect it in a few days or weeks? I have to plan a larger deployment…

I’m running a XenServer 7.4 Pool with the GRID 6.0 release. vMotion works perfect, but not for one Host.
The migration wizard tells me the following error: “The VGPU is not compatible with any PGPU in the destination”

All XenServers have a Tesla M6 installed. Even a reinstallation of the Hypervisor doesn’t fix the issue.


Did you set the RegKey to enable XenMotion properly on this host? The message above indicates that motion is not enabled on this host.



I have set the RegKey to all XenServers:

From /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia.conf:
options nvidia NVreg_RegistryDwords="RMEnableVgpuMigration=1"

Are there any logs I can check?