vGPU vMotion purple screen

Dear Community

I have read about the “vGPU VM live vMotion” feature some time ago, and wanted to give it a shot today. Activated the feature in vCenter advanced settings and vmotioned a Citrix Test VM with a test user logged in to another host. the process was running for about 90 seconds, and then suddenly the target host purple screened. After cold booting the host, the VM was located on the new (target) host.

I was wondering which errors I made, or maybe there are some requirements which I didn’t met.

First things first: I have 5 hosts with two tesla T4 in each one. At the moment, vSphere ESXi and NVIDIA VIB drivers are not on the same build for one of the hosts. This is due to some problems last week with virtual machines on this host.

The vMotion target host is on GRID host driver 460.73.02 and ESXi Build 6.7.0, 17700523, while the other four hosts are on GRID host driver 450.55 and ESXi build 6.7.0, 15160138.

Could this possibly be the problem here, that host driver versions and/or ESXi builds are different? I didn’t find anything mentioned in the VMware documentation, so I thought to ask here in the Forums.

Thanks in Advance.

Same issue in our environment, same ESX, same graphics model, same Grid Driver. No workaround in place.