vGPU VMs vMotion

Hello Dears,

We implemented virtual platform based of VMware vSphere 7.0 and NVIDIA RTX is used for VDI VMs based on VMware Horizon 8.
We are facing the strange issue:
Manual hot migration of VMs with vGPU works well. But when I initialize ESXI host’s entering to maintenance mode, VM with vGPU doesn’t migrated automatically. Only DRS recommendations appears in Cluster>>Monitor>>DRS Recommendations. vGPU VM’s migration starts as soon as we apply DRS recommendations.

Is it expected behavior or not?

DRS automation level is set to “Fully automatic” and there are no problems with no-vGPU VMs migration in the same scenario.
Latest 460.32.04 host driver is installed on ESXi Hosts.

Only DRS initial placement is supported from VMWare at this stage. Full DRS support might come later in the year but we cannot comment on VMWare roadmap features.


is there any improvements on the subject with the last release of vsphere ?


Not that I’m aware of. But as this is a pure VMWare feature you might get a better response in their forums.