Regular desktop disconnects when using vGPU

I have a Dell R720 but I am also running a Cisco 240. The users tell me happens very randomly. Sometimes every 30 minutes and others can go for hours without trouble. I asked about inactivity but they all said it was while they were working when they were having trouble. My 720 was in production running 5.5 without any issues before upgrading it to run the Beta vGPU test. I also have 2 other Dell R720’s that are running 5.5 and running vSGA and those vm’s are not having the issue.

If you’re running the vGPU on vSphere early access please use the private VMWare forum for the EA discussion as the vSphere 6 Beta and associated features are under NDA.

I’d also recommend working directly with the Nvidia contact you have for the EA program. If you don’t know who that is send me a PM with your details and I’ll find out.

Initial findings have been either or both of two possible issues:

  1. “MontereyEnable.exe -enable” is not set, or didn’t set and needs to be reset.

  2. Upgrade was performed on the host, vs fresh install of vSphere 6RC code.

We had a customer rebuild one host that exhibited these issues and the problem has so far not repeated. We need more data to more fully confirm, please let us know if either resolve your issue, or not. As a result of these findings we are reminding customers that upgrades are not officially supported, and given an upgrade to GA is NOT supported it is important to simply perform a clean install of vSphere 6.

  • Luke