Xendesktop7.6_ESXi 6.0 VGPU_Host Freeze

Running ESXi 6.0 on UCS C240 M4 Rack mount with 2 Grid K1 Cards. Xendestop VM’s are provisioned through PVS running 7.6 agent HDX 3d Pro and Nvidia driver (348.27) . VDA machines are configured with grid_k120q profile.

When we Intiate a guestshutdown of multiple machines (10 or more machines) from the Vcenter ESXi host utilization goes to 100% and it freezes the host untill the task is completed .

We tested after removing the NVidia grid card from the VM’s and everything was fine . shutdown task worked as expected and it was fast and did not consume cpu cycles.

Any one faced this issues ?

There was a similar issue in the early release / beta which required an update in vSphere.

Can you confirm the vGPU manager version in the ESX host.

It should be 346.68


Yes the driver version is 346.68 on the host .