Two issues on vSphere 6 / Horizon View 7

Hi there,
I’ve implemented a new environment at a customer.
4 Hosts - ESXi 6U2, vCenter 6 U2, 4x NVidia GRID K2 graphics card, Cisco Rackserver
VMware Horizon View 7, Client OS Windows 10 LTSB x64
Tested latest official Grid driver, latest beta driver and an old driver provided from cisco homepage.
At the moment I’m using 354.97 driver.

First problem - after installing and activating the Grid Driver it’s not possible to connect to the masterdesktop through vSphere. You can see the boot of the machine and after loading graphics driver the screen goes blank. Inputs are working but you don’t see anything you do. The old driver from cisco works fine (but it’s from early 2015 and have a poor 3D performance). RDP is working from another Win10 client, not from Win7 (see second problem)

Second problem
When I try to RDP into the machine from any Windows 7 client I can type in my credentials and after clicking connect immidiatly the error "can’t connect to the desktop" appears. When I try to connect from Win10 client everything is fine without an error. There are no eventlogs on any machine.

Any hints for me?

This is expected behaviour. Accessing a GPU enabled VM via vCenter console access is not supported. You should use Horizon Direct connect or an alternative remote access protocol.

RDP ignores the GPU, so this suggests there is another issue present.

Also, ensure that you’re using the 352.97 vGPU Manager .vib in the ESX host as this is matched to the Guest driver and you have you have the correct versions in both Host and Guest.

Ok, good to know. In the old Driver provided by Cisco works. So I’ve been a little bit confused about that. Ok, then the customer use Horizon Direct Connect for administering the machine.

Drivers are used from the latest package, same Version on Host and inside the guest VM. I think it’s related to Windows 7 and when Horizon Direct connect is working there is no need for RDPing into the machine.

Thank you very much.