Blank vmware console screen after installing nvidia grid driver

Host = ESXi 6.7U3 P04, with Nvidia T4 GPU
VM Guest = Windows server 2019 with one T4 GPU in PCI-e passthrough mode + Citrix 1912 LTSR CU2
After installing the latest grid driver (461.33_grid_win10_server2016_server2019_64bit_international.exe) the vmware remote console screen shows only blank/black. RDP & Citrix HDX work fine.

Tried logging a support ticket with VMware but they told me it was an Nvidia driver issue so they cant provide support for it.
Tried using latest VMtools.
Tried increasing VM Hardware >> Video card >> Total Video Memory to 128GB

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the post. This is expected behavior see - Quick Start Guide :: NVIDIA Virtual GPU Software Documentation


OK so I see the statement: “VM console in vSphere Web Client is not supported in this vGPU release. Therefore, use VMware Horizon or VNC to access the VM’s desktop.” That makes troubleshooting the VM really difficult. For example, I have an issue right now where one VM doesn’t reboot cleanly from a nightly scheduled reboot task. It just gets stuck somewhere half-way as its shutting down. RDP & VNV dont work, but I can still ping it. Without the console, I cannot see what is causing the problem.

Is NVidia going to fix this bug??? VM Console is a fundamental part of administering a vmware environment!

I understand your frustration. The fix to the bug requires a change to the “VM Console in vSphere” which NVIDIA does not have control of. I have raised the issue internally to see if we get this issue addressed with vmware.


Remove the GPU from the VM, power it back on before its nightly automated shutdown and let it run through it’s automated shutdown process and hang. You can then use the Console to view the VM. Once the issue is resolved, reattached the GPU and carry on as normal. If it reboots cleanly without the VM attached, this will give you an area to investigate once you reattach it.