XenApp 7.6 with ESXi - vGPU

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we are a Citrix customer having our XenDesktop 7.6 Terminal Servers and Virtual Desktop virtualized on ESXi 5.5 (going to upgrade to 6.x).
Our vSphere hosts have a Grid K1 each which is still not in use.
In the next time we would like to offload content like Youtube videos and Google Earth and other contet like this to those GPUs - away from the (v)CPU.
Can anybody confirm this is also possible using XenDesktop Terminal Servers (multiuser platform) and if: in which mode (SGA, vGPU, …)?
What would be the formula/ratio to devide the adapters into?
ATM we have about 40 Users on a terminal server VM.

Did anybody hear vMotion becoming possible when using vGPUs within the next months?
XenServer is able to do so so I’m still hoping VMWare is getting this to work ASAP.


GPU acceleration in XenApp is fully supported for both Passthrough (vDGA) and vGPU

You’ll find several threads on here relating to it and Tobias Kriedl is one of our most active forum members in this arena.

That’s going to depend very much on the load you put onto the cards. You’ll have to test to confirm the load levels you can achieve using a K1.

XenServer does not have XenMotion with GPU enabled VM’s.
This is a roadmap item and will most likely appear as a GRID 2.0 or later feature.

Hi Jason,

thanks for the reply!
I was pretty sure XenServer already supported it - but it seems I’ve been wrong:
Tobias stated it also to be a hardware issue…

So if live migration is to be used we will have to fall back to vSGA I guess. But will this be supported using terminal servers?

VMware doesn’t support vSGA with server workloads, neither does Hyper-V RemoteFX.

For servers, and therefore RDSH workloads, you’re either looking at passthrough or vGPU I’m afraid.