vGPU - vmotion

Hi - lets assume we have a cluster w/ 3 Esxi hosts… all of them have k2 cards in them… should we be able to move vMotion them at will to other hosts with K2 cards on them ?

I am putting all vGPU people in the same pool with vGPU enabled.

So does this mean we can fully provision the GPU’s if we want to be able to vmotion ?.. if vmotioning works.

Assuming ALL k2 cards are full… i wonder what would happen if I vmotioned a vGPU person… would they not have a K2 card… but be running the video driver that would be expecting the hardware ?..


vMotion is not supported today with vGPU. You will not be able to vMotion any VMs with a vGPU configured.
vSGA is the only VMware configuration that will support vMotion with a GRID card in the mix.