simple question

hi all,
I have a esxi 6.7 test system where I need to put two vm that need really basic 3d to display some non interactive data.
I know that old k1/k2 grid are unsupported with vgpu but if I put a k2 on the server and set passthrought of the two pcie chip of the k2 , one to first vm and one to the second can I get it work?
Vm can be any version of windows, gpu load is a simple directx app on one vm and a light cuda ( app run now for 1 minute once a day on a gtx1050 ) on the second.
This in for testing only, we need to try new app release before use.
thank’s in advance,


and what is the question? If this will work? Yes, why not. For sure you can passthrough the GPU to the given VMs.


Hi thank for the reply.
So, without install any driver on esxi I can have two or four vm ( with k2 or k1 ) with 3d hw accelleration and I’m only limited to guest os support to k1 or k2 right ?
And this will surely work also on new esxi release ? For what I’ve understand the limit is only on the number of vm because I link any gpu of the card directly to the vm.
thank’s in advance,

No, not supported on ESX6.7. You need to use 6.5 for getting support from VMWare. Not sure if it would work anyways.