NVIDIA GRID VGPU support does not match desktop setting

I am running the following lab set up:
2 x HPDL380 G9 hosts each with 1 x K1 GRID card
Horizon 7.0.2 Enterprise
vCenter 6.5 4602587
VMware ESXi 6.5.0 4564106 on each host (Enterprise Plus licenses on both)

I’ve installed the latest 4.1 GRID driver set - including the ESXi VIB (nvidia-smi reporting all ok on both hosts). I have created a K120Q and K160Q VGPU template Win7 x64 VM as per the Horizon 6.1 deployment guide however when I try to select the template I get the following message:

‘NVIDIA GRID VGPU support does not match desktop setting’

I can’t then proceed with the VGPU pool. I can create non-GRID enabled pools and desktops via this Horizon installation. I can connect to the base image used for the template using a View client and can verify that the correct profile shows in the Nvidia Control Panel.

This appears to me as a licensing issue? I’ve checked over the release notes and can see that ESXi 6.5 nor vCenter is not a validated platform for K1 support (runs up to ESXi 6.0u2 and vCenter 6.0) but Horizon 7.0.2 is validated. Is this simply a case of no validation for the later versions of hypervisor?

I’ve seen this question a couple of times, once on this forum but no answers. Has anyone any insight into this error?



Could be a driver issue, as there is no GRID 4.1 for the Kepler series GPUs.

You can download the correct drivers from here: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us

Use these details for your system:

Product Type = GRID
Product Series = NVIDIA GRID vGPU
Product = GRID K1
Operating System = VMware vSphere ESXi 6.5

You’ll need to change out the ESXi host driver and Windows driver to ensure compatibility.

Kepler based GPUs (K1 / K2) don’t require any licensing. They also do not come with any NVIDIA support. Maxwell GPUs (M6 / M60 / M10) do require licensing and you can purchase SUMS on top for NVIDIA support.



Try Horizon 7.0.3
An VMware engineer told me the issue was found at ESXi 6.5 beta test and resolved with 7.0.3


Ok great - thanks for the replies.

K1/K2 support is detailed in the release documentation for the 4.1 driver releases - i’d assumed that the VIB and Windows guest would work on both M and K GRID hardware.

I can try both of these suggestions and report back

Ok - downloaded the K1/K2 GRID drivers from the NVidia website - uninstalled the 4.1 VIB and installed the K1 VIB onto both ESXi hosts. Also, on the template I uninstalled the 4.1 Windows guest driver and installed the K1 Windows guest driver (which is actually the same file).

Tried to create the vGPU pool as before - no dice. Same error and the template was unavailable for selection

Updated both Horizon View Connection servers to 7.0.3 and tried to create the vGPU pool - success!

It’s likely that the existing config may have worked with just the update to 7.0.3 but I can leave that for another day.

Thanks all

Great, glad you got it sorted!

I wasn’t aware that the Maxwell drivers were compatible with Kepler … Every day’s a school day :-)