Windows 10 not detecting nvidia vGPU on Horizon Desktop

Im trying to build a Windows 10 vm for Horizon and I cant install the nvidia grid drivers for vGPU use. I have a working Windows 7 vm that has the shared PCI device configured for our K1 cards using the k120q profile so I know the card is working. I added the shared PCI device to Windows 10 and tried to install the drivers (361.75) and it tells me "This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware." The device manager shows a Microsoft Basic Display Adapter and the vmware svga adapter. We are running vsphere 6 with Horizon 6.2.

Never mind, I vaguely recalled there being some issue with the driver last time that made me use the driver for windows that came with the vpshere ESX drivers. Apparently the Nvidia Grid vGPU drivers are not the same as the Nvidia Quadro - Grid drivers. Based on the device IDs, I think it has something to do with the vGPU profiles not being supported in the standard drivers. I went back and downloaded the latest vpshere ESX drivers and the windows drivers that came with it do install on my Windows 10 VM.