Windows 10 64 virtual machine and Nvidia Grid K1


we now want to use Windows 10 VMs in our ESXi Environment.
Now we have Windows 7 with Nvidia Grid K1 and its working fine.

But with WIndows 10 - i cannot see "hardware" - Driver installation says that there is no hardware.
But - i can download the drivers for Windows 10 and Grid K1

Why is there no card in Windows 10 to see ?

Thank you


Are you inside the specifications?

Client: Windows 10 RTM (1507), November Update (1511), Anniversary Update (1607),Creators Update (1703) (32/64-bit)

Hypervisor: ESXi 6.5 or lower?

K1/K2 is EOL

Hello Gormat,

yes it is EOL - but i can download the drivers

Version Windows 10 1903

ESXI 6.7.0

As Gormat already mentioned. There is no support for K1/K2 and Win10 1903 release. The board is EOL and even the software branch is EOL since a few weeks.