Nvidia Grid 1 vGPU Driver for Ubuntu Guest OS


I am have an Nvidia M6 Grid K1 that I am sharing its GPU on multiple Ubuntu 14.04 VMs running on VMware Horizon view 6.2.

At the VM terminal, the command "lspci" shows me this message:

VGA compatibility controller: VMware SVGA II Adapter

VGA compatibility controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK107GL [GRID K140Q vGPU] (rev 01)

I have the VMs configured with Grid K180Q on the vSphere Web client as shown in your Nvidia Grid documentation:

But, still it is showing Grid 140Q for the vGPU. I have tried to change it to 160Q and it is always showing 140Q.

Also, I have tried to install all the Nvidia available driver for Linux with the once personalized for Ubuntu 14.04 from the package repository "ppa:xorg-edgers". But still I always get the same issue, as if I have no Nvidia graphical card installed on the VM when I run "nvidia-detector" command.

I have also noticed that the driver name used on your documentation has the word “grid” at its end. I couldn’t find any driver wth that name. Following the documentation I should find the driver at the zip file “NVIDIA-GRID-vGPU-kepler-vSphere-2015-352.70-354.56.zip”. But I can only get the following files:


I can clearly see the Windows 7, 8 and 10 drivers with the ESXI driver but the Linux Guest OS Driver for Grid I can’t find it.

Finally, there is the licensing part. Are we supposed to have a license the moment we buy the hardware, or we can buy it later?

It would be really helpful if you can point from where I can download that driver or is there any other way to fix the issue. Many thanks.

Kind regards,

Hi Medalibi,

vGPU is not supported on Linux for either K1 or K2. Passthrough is supported for Linux.

vGPU for Linux is only available on GRID 2.0, which is licensed. Linux requires virtual Workstation edition or higher.

Hope this helps explain.

Vmware docs also seem to refer to vGPU support.


Also if so, where are the M60 drivers that support GRID 2.0/vGPU?

Grid2.0 driver is at separated page http://www.nvidia.com/object/grid-evaluation.html and requires setup of licensing server and register valid licenses. Evaluation licenses are available then you must pay for NVidia licenses. https://gridforums.nvidia.com/default/topic/543/general-discussion/grid-2-0/post/2418/#2418

PS1: Vmware mention explicitly K2 only in vDGA (eg. passthrough) section of referred document.
PS2: Yes, you can modify newer common guest NVidia driver to support K1/K2 vGPU in linux but it is unsupported.

I’ve sent you a pm mcerveny, Thank you for the links.