Driver for Linux (Ubuntu) for vGPU NVIDIA Grid K1/K2


I am running VMware Horizon 6.2 to deploy Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) pools. We running the VMs on HP ESXI hosts that have Nvidia Grid K1 graphical card installed we trying to have those VM running 3D rendering for Bioinformatics modelling.

There is no driver for Linux for Grid k1 neither k2 that can make the NVIDIA Grid card usable by Linux. In the other hand, the Windows VMs have a driver available at the NVIDIA website driver page:

The file that we download has 4 different version of driver for Windows 7/8/10 with x86 and x64 bit, also a driver for the ESXI host but no where to find the Linux one.

I would really appreciate any information about the status of the development of the Driver. We are more than happy helping out with the development of the driver. We can also have the Alpha, Beta version to test it on our test environment and provide useful feedback.

Kind regards,
Mohamed Alibi

Linux system administrator

European Bioinformatics Institute
EMBL-EBI Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton UK


How to contact the Dev team at Nvidia ?



This is probably wrong forum (better
The answer from NVidia did not come therefore I write some comments here:

I always received negative statement from NVidia to support vGPU (shared) in Linux for Grid1.0 (K1/K2).

K1/K2 passthrough (VMware “vDGA”, dedicated) is officially supported in standard linux drivers.
Linux vGPU driver is officially supported only for Grid2.0 M6/M10/M60 cards.

But it is simple to enable Linux driver for vGPU (shared) in standard linux guest driver for Grid1.0 (K1/K2) (few bytes to add/modify :-).
But there is the secondary problem. There is no VDI remoting protocol support in VMware View (Blast) or Citrix HDX for linux and vGPU even for supported Grid2.0 M6/M10/M60 and linux with very costly license fees (VMware + Citrix + NVidia CCU). The framebuffer output is only seen on intentionally crippled console. This is stopper for some Swiss universities to implement vGPU Grid VDI.

I try realize console VDI remoting protocol project with some sort of success.
I will publish this source code in few weeks.

Happy hacking, M.C>