Is Grid compatible with non-hypervisors?

I see references to Grid K1 & K2 in relationship with Citrix and VMware, however is it possible to install the cards with e.g. Ubuntu or Centos?


The Grid K1 & K2 cards are supported on Linux, however, you will not have the vGPU support which requires Citrix or VMware. The Linux drivers can be downloaded from
Set Product Type = Grid
Product Series = Grid Series (do not select product series = NVIDIA Grid vGPU)
Product = Select K1 or K2
OS = Select Linux 32 bit or Linux 64 bit

Currently only passthrough (vDGA) is available for Linux Guests. There are some good offerings through NICE DCV that are worth checking out. Both Citrix and VMWare are working on Linux VCA that we hope will be released later this year.