Grid K340/K520 with Vmware?

Will the GRID K340 or the K520 work with Vmware vSphere 6 in GPU pass through? Are there any plans for vGPU?

Thank you very much!

Neither card is on the HCL for vSphere and there are no plans for vGPU on those cards.

vGPU requires a GRID Enterprise card, so currently either a K1 or K2.

Does this mean that for a cloud gaming solution I am forced to use either bare metal or Xen with NMOS?

Thank you for your reply!

It’s down to what the hypervisor and OEM server vendors choose to certify and support.

You can utilise the GRID K1 or K2 for Cloud Gaming.

I would suggest checking the HCL’s of the hypervisor vendors to confirm the specifics of what options you have for server chassis and hypervisor combinations.