Question Nvidia GRID GPU cloud

Hi I installed vmware esxi on my notebook.
My questions are as follows:

  1. I have a notebook with integrated video card intel hd graphics.
  2. I would like to use your products nvidia GRID 90-day trial video cards VDI P40
  3. I go out a lot and I always carry the laptop with me.
    So I have a virtual GRID cloud GPU.
    Can I have this vGPU or do I need a dedicated video card?
  4. I have the processor intel 4 cores but if I buy a notebook with at least one video card dedicated example nvidia G force mx 130 your product nvidia GRID works?

I would like some clarifications, thankyou and I await your answers.

please answer thanks.


you are mixing-up different things.
You cannot use the vGPU offering with your notebook.
You need a qualified server in a datacenter and of course suitable GPUs like Tesla P4 or P40 in this server to run vGPU. In addition you will need some licenses.
Afterwards you would be able to access the virtual machine running in the datacenter with your notebook :)