Cloud Gaming

Hi Guys,

I want to deploy a solution for gaming over cloud and I need to help yours.

Firstly, which kind of Tesla or Grid GPU card I should buy for gaming solution? I got confused between GIRID and TESLA cards!!! I couldn’t understand which one of them is fit for my solution? (For start this project I have more than 100 concurrently users for playing high end PC game)

Next question is server computability , is there any sever that supported to install 8 or more GPU card? HP,DELL or…!?

Thank You Guys :)

Cloud Gaming is a very complex topic. As I can see you didn’t really investigate in the options and products available. First of all I would recommend to create a business plan and think about the costs of the solution compared to the expected revenue you get and you will recognize that this is a very tough calculation.

  • You should check the available servers in the market:
  • Check the available GPUs for this high end use case (Tesla P40 for example)
    -Amount of GPUs you can use per host
    -User density you want to reach -> (CPU bottleneck?!)
    -vGPU licensing



Dear Simon,

Thank you for your quick answer:)

Yes I know its very complex topic and I trying to complete my business plan and after that if it was investable we will stat to investing on this project.

I visited to certified sever page that you sent to me and it helped me to find best server for my idea, thanks.

just let me know, dose need to NVIDIA QUADRO® vDWS license for running high end gaming on VDI? because its charge us 250$ per CCU Annual Subscription!

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unfortunately yes. I assume you will need a 8GB Framebuffer profile to fullfill the AAA gaming requirements and in general this would be a vPC use case as you don’t need the Quadro driver features but vPC only allows to use 2GB of FB :(.

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