Nvidia GRID M40 Cards? Anyone know about these?

I’ve seen a few on eBay and online for around $1000ish. Are there drivers? Benchmarks?

Was this a cancelled product by NVIDIA?

Link: http://www.compeve.com/gpu/nvidia-grid-m40-server-gpu-accelerator-processing-card
Specs here:

Processor clock

Processor cores

Memory clock

Memory size

Memory I/O


Internal connectors and headers

External connectors

Airflow direction

PCI Express interface

Total Board Power (TBP)

4 x GM107 (Maxwell)

1033 MHz

640 per GPU, 2560 per board

2.6 GHz

16 GB per board (4GB per GPU)

128-bit GDDR5

4.4 inches × 10.50 inches, dual-slot

8-pin PCI Express power connector


Supports airflow directions from both left-to-right (L2R) and right-to-left (R2L) from a single SKU

PCI Express Gen3 ×16 system interface

225 W (actual TBP may be less in actual operation)

I think this is probably just incorrect - there is a Tesla M40 but it’s targetted for deep learning:


Also worth noting that the branding for Maxwell GRID cards is Tesla. It’s slightly odd but the idea is that they are Tesla cards which can be enabled to run GRID 2.0, once you have purchased the licencing. There IS a new quad GPU Tesla card for GRID 2.0, but this is the Tesla M10:


I still have concerns about the software licencing cost for this card - it’s presented as ‘$6 per month per user’ which I assume is for the subscription model and possibly not including SUMS. This means that for the maximum density of 64 users per card, this is an additional $4600 per year in software licencing.

I just received one so it is a real card. It appears to be 4x GM107 with 4GB of ram per core totalling 16GB DDR5.

It is not the Tesla M40.

Do I need licensing to virtualize?

Interesting - I can only assume that it was canned, or that it is an OEM only model for hosting providers. There is an interesting article on it here, but still very light on actual details:


Assuming that it uses GRID 2.0 (because it is Maxwell) then yes, you will need to purchase licencing.

IT is certainly not a supported card and I’m not sure we’d want to sell you licenses for an unsupported product. The M60 drivers are available on evaluation if you are really curious: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4120/kw/m60

But as I said not a supported product.

Are you with Nvidia? What about the people that currently have the card? If you cant get a license or drivers then what do you do.

If you bought this for GRID, you bought the wrong board.

Where did you get the board from? I’d suggest returning it and getting the correct board for your requirements.

You have a 1st Generation Maxwell server board, which is not supported for GRID.

You do have Tesla compute driver support, but the board itself not enabled for features that are required in virtualisation, which is why the article can’t get it working in passthrough / vDGA. Even if you had licenses, it wouldn’t work.

A random guess is that at some point the M40 was evalauated in a similar way to the M60 for use with GRID (I didn’t work for NVIDIA when this could have happened so have no idea) and that an OEM may have had a loan test board or similar… or else this is a M40 as sold for deep learning compute rather than graphics. Either way I’d question it’s origin as definitely not a GRID product.