Tesla GPUs for Gaming VMs

Hi there, I have plans to start a non-traditional gaming cafe that runs fully on the server instead of dedicated gaming hardware. The number of clients I am planning to have is 50 clients as of now so I will definitely get quite a lot of Tesla GPUs. Presently I am looking at Tesla M60 as the performance is pretty good even for a 2GB instance(Tried through Liquidsky).

I have however, many questions on how to scale the clients. Does the performance of a gaming VM depend on the amount of DDR5 ram being assisgned to it? For example, does it makes sense that for a Tesla M60 which has 16GB, it can support up to 8 VMs if we assign 2gb to each VM?

Previously I did considered the M10 for maximum VMs, however, I have read that it is not meant to virtualize 3D applications.

Looking forward to inputs, thanks!


I would recommend to look at Tesla P4 for your use case. P4 is faster than M60 and requires less power consumption.