Tesla / GRID

Hi , its very hard to find the correct category for my Question, so i hope, someone could help me.

I want to get a Tesla K40.
But its just for my Home-PC or -Server, its up to its work as i want or not.

So i am Interested in testing / using virtual Desktops with GPU-Acceleration for my Debian-Homeserver. So i could use it for VirtualBox to run 3D-Games over a Virtual Desktop, e.g. Gameserver, which needs a 3D-Card. For this i have read several Infos on the nVidia-Page.
I think, nVidia-Grid would be fine for virtual Dekstops, even if my old 285GTX is powered enought for my needs.

So i think with the HArdware, i hopefully get a perfect software to manage the Grid(s).

But on the other Way, i want to use BOINC for SetiHome with the Tesla K40.
Yeah, and it is just 4 Fun ;)

So finaly my Question:
Is it possible to use nVidia GRID with the Tesla K40 ?
Or do i need to buy an (slower) GRID-Card?

There is no Info about it. On the Site, there are different Products.
But i think the Tesla would be more faster than the Grid-GPU.