NVIDIA Tesla GPU for Grid Use


We have the opportunity to pickup a NVIDIA Tesla GPU S1070-400 1U, and without doing to much research wanting to know if with the right server… could we setup NVIDIA Grid?

That’s quite an old system.

Only the Tesla M60 & M6 are supported with NVIDIA GRID.

No other Tesla cards are currently supported.

Thank you for the reply Jason,

So we went ahead and picked up the S1070…
What can be done with it? Not much from what I can tell beside mathematical computation?

We might have wasted some money here!
Can anyone recommend a project we can take on with this unit? Video encoding?

The S1070 can only be used for computation. Please see a list of applications that could be possibly used with it here: http://www.nvidia.com/content/gpu-applications/PDF/GPU-apps-catalog-mar2015.pdf