Is anyone able to use a Nvidia Tesla driver for Windows 2019?

The NV-series virtual machines are powered by NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPUs and NVIDIA GRID technology for desktop accelerated applications and virtual desktops.

The only drivers I have been able to find are here:
for Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012 R2

Does anyone know how or where to get a driver for Windows 2019?

No support for Server 2019 yet.

I am having trouble finding nvidia graphics cards compatible with Windows Server 2019. Are there a list of currently compatible graphics cards?

Any prognosis about this? we’re waiting for it.
A target date would be nice.

Next major vGPU version should support Win10_1809 and Server 2019. ETA in a few weeks.

So around the time Win10_1903 will be released :-)

Any new ETA for Microsoft Windows 2019 Datacenter edition?

As always, we won’t give an exact ETA for upcoming releases as it is always subject to change. Please file a support ticket with NVES if you need more detailed information.


So any news on this???