Tesla T4 GPU with windows server 2019

I have a windows server 2019 with NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU
but I am not able to get GPU work via RDP unfortunately
I have enabled everything mentioned in this article :
but still not working
I hope you help me
thank you


I’m assuming you’ve licensed the GPU and are using the correct vGPU driver. Which hypervisor are you using and which vGPU Profile have you allocated?

You’ll want to change Protocol to a better one, RDP isn’t sufficient. PCoIP, HDX, Blast, TGX, RGS or another high-end Protocol.

This is a better guide to getting started: https://docs.nvidia.com/grid/11.0/grid-software-quick-start-guide/index.html More advanced / complete documentation is available if needed on the same Site.

Hope that helps