Using Tesla M60 with Windows 2016 Server

HI ,

I’ve got a Windows Server 2016 install on a Huawei server and after installing the driver the system appears to recognize that the M60 is installed.

I want to make sure I’m using the P40 as my Display driver , Is there anything method i can verify ?

On windows server 2016 , how can I verify that RDP able to use the GPU ?

I can see the P40 in GPU-Z & Device manager in local , but I can’t see the P40 driver after RDP .

I can’t run any 3DMark or this type of software to ensure i can use the Display card .

Thank you

Please do not open multiple threads with the same topic. You can use GPUProfiler oder nvidia-smi to check if the GPU is used properly. If not you need to enable the local Windows policy to use the GPU for RDS sessions