AWS Official Grid Driver Version


It seems that the official NVIDIA GRID driver version for Windows which we can access over AWS /latest bucket is not updated for a while. Even though the latest grid driver version is 516.94 on NVIDIA drivers page, the driver version 513 is available in the AWS /latest bucket.

When will it be updated to the latest version? and ideas or a roadmap for this?


513.64 is the latest vGPU driver. Not sure why you think that there is a 516.x version available.

Regards Simon

Hey Simon,

Can you please check the following page, am I missing something? When we search drivers for Data Center T4 GPUs - Windows Server 2022, it returns 516.x.

There is a huge difference between public drivers and vGPU drivers!
Here you can check what is available for vGPU:

We ended up with this issue while we were trying to run Unreal Engine 5 experiences/games. So, do you have any idea how to fix the following issue?

There won’t be a solution for now. You will need to wait for the next major update to have driver version R525. But this will take a few more weeks.
Be aware that vGPU offering is not meant for gaming where you often need the latest gaming drivers.

Do you have any idea when it will be updated? Is there any roadmap for this?

Hi, for sure there is a roadmap and given release dates but we cannot comment on unreleased versions without NDA. As I already mentioned, you will need the next major release of vGPU for your requirements