ideal GPU card for Citrix Xenapp/XenDesktop/ Published Desktops


We are Citrix estate Xenapp/XenDesktop/ Published Desktops
We would like to purchase the GPU card to trial Bim360, Revit and AutoCad on Citrix.

What do you generally recommend?

We have ESXI (Vmware) environemtn and currently 7.15 Citrix but going to Cloud soon.

I have seen K2 GRID beeing mentioned , but this card is from 2013
I have seen below cards and intrested

NVIDIA Tesla P40

NVIDIA Tesla M10

NVIDIA Tesla M60

we are intrested in providing good performance and ideally focus on density most users as possible connecting to published desktops.


Unless you have already purchased the GPUs, I’d be looking at T4s instead of any you’ve listed, and certainly not the M10 (or a K2!). That said, the applications you’ve listed also require high speed CPUs. Which CPUs are you planning to use?