XenApp and GPU advice.

Current Environment;
Dell R730, E5-2695 v3 2.3ghz 14 cores x 2, 768GB Memory, 2 x 10GB NICS
XenServer 7.0, Windows 2012 R2 and XenApp 7.13
2 x Nvidia Grid K1 with GPU Pass-Through
Compellent SAN with SSD for XenApp Servers

We have 7 x R730’s and divide the Grid K1 into 8 virtual machines each running around 8 - 9 users.

We are an architectural firm and all of our design staff work inside Citrix. We run AutoCAD 2017, Revit 2017, 3DS Max 17, and other design tools. We are now finding that when contacting Autodesk we are having problems obtaining support as they are advising that the Grid K1 cards haven’t been supported since Autodesk 2015 products.

We are now investigating our options, but with the changes in Grid and requiring licenses, and the available cards we are looking for some advice.

Due to the support issues with the Grid K1 we have been looking at replacing these with the M10 GPU. We are wary that the next generation Tesla P cards, i.e. P100 are now available and don’t want to purchase something which may have a short shelf life. Are the M10’s still the best fit or would we be better looking at another range?

We have also read the blog on www.poppelgaard.com which details the change with Grid 5.0. Can we clarify which licenses we require for XenApp? Would we require vApps bearing in mind we only provide a published desktop?

Many Thanks

Hi Mike,

vApps licensing is the right choice for XenApp. In general I don’t think Autodesk supports their products on ServerOS at all. Depending on the users workloads with these products it might make sense to think about Tesla P40 if you need more rendering power or you can use the Tesla M10 for moderate workloads. Tesla P100 is a specific use case for double precision applications and therefore not the best choice in your scenario.