GRID K2 with VMWare ESXi & XenApp 6.5

I recently purchased a Dell T630 Server with the following specs to add to our citrix farm as an AutoCAD server.
(2) Intel Xeon E5-2660 v3 2.6GHz,25M Cache,9.60GT/s QPI,Turbo,HT,10C/20T
(4) 400GB Solid State Read / Write Drives - Configured to a RAID 10 set

I loaded ESXi onto the T630 box
Loaded the NVIDIA .vib drivers and ran the tests to verify, everything looked good
In advanced settings I added the GRID for passthrough
I then created a Windows 2008 R2 Virtual machine w/all updated drivers - Loaded CITRIX XenApp on it and also installed AutoCAD IDS Suite

My problem now is, when I run AutoCAD via CITRIX the program is not seeing the GRID card. I am unable to turn on Hardware acceleration because of this.

Can anybody help me setup / configure this GRID card so it works properly in CITRIX & AutoCAD?
From what I can tell everything is setup correctly but it’s obviously not working correctly.

Thank You

Does the GPU appear in Device Manager?

Check this Citrix blog for all the configuration requirements for using the GPU in XenApp.