HDX 3D Pro - XenApp 6.5 GPU Passthrough

I created a new XenApp 6.5 HRP 4 + FP2 Server (Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 - Fully Patched) VM

Using GPU Passthorugh GRID-K2 (Xenserver 6.2 SP1)

Now that i am ready to Install some graphic applications - Google earth , AutoCAD ,ArcGIS

I am wondering What should i do to maximize the performance for users sessions
I see there are so many policies that can be enabled /disabled for good 3D perfomance. My question is

1.Does anyone have the Policy set that i can test for performance ( Xenapp 6.5 not XenDesktop)
2.Do we have to use any Citrix particular version of Citrix Receiver on client side (on users Laptops / Desktops) – i was aware there used to be a 3D Pro receiver or something.

I posted a general policy to start from in this forum thread some time back.


It’s generic and works well for both XenDesktop and XenApp.

Use the latest receiver, and make sure you’ve got enough CPU available for each of your XenApp sessions to encode the HDX stream.