Grid Hardware Compatibility

I realize the answer to my question may be obvious, but I just need to know for sure:

We are running a few different solutions side-by-side to determine the best fit for our Linux VDI project. We really want to implement the GRID and see if it helps with the user experience. We have different models of servers all over the place and looking for a definitive answer on whether the Grid card will work with our servers. I viewed the "certified server list" here: -

Is the certified list exclusively for Horizon View and the Vendor?

If I’m using Dell C6000 and Oracle X2-4 is the Grid card even an option for horizon view… or RHEV?


The cards are certified by each OEM in specific chassis as per the list.

The list is independent of hypervisors and VDI solutions.

The C6000 is not certified for either GRID K1/2 or Tesla M60/6 which are required for GRID features.

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I agree that page is not at all clear - I will work with the web team to get it clarified.

The servers on this page are those that have passed NVIDIA’s NVQUAL certification for use with GRID products within physical servers. Customers seeking to virtualize their servers must additionally verify that the hypervisor vendor and server OEM has performed additional certification to the server and it is on the appropriate hypervisor’s “Hardware Compatibility List” (HCL).
• Citrix XenServer HCL (, additional information on the Citrix certification process can be found, here (
• vSphere HCL/ESXi HCL (

Does the above cover the information you needed? Please let me know so I can make suggestions to the web page team.

How about GPU passthrough support for the Quadro M6000, which came out in March 2015?

Hi Tobias,

As detailed in my blog - it’s up to the OEM (server vendors) which cards they design (power/heat in mind) for and also which subset they choose to sell and support. Pass-through is that so our drivers are not the blocker. (

It’s up to customers to tell their OEM vendor which cards they want certified with which hypervisor - we pass on significant interest in any.

So far Dell are the only vendor I can see who have chosen to certify the Quadro M6000 on their R7910 platform. Server vendors are often keen to support a limited subset of the combinations available so it important you let them know. Dell seem to have only done this on XenServer so there may have been specific market opportunities Dell saw with that GPU card + hypervisor + server combination.

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Thanks, Rachel, as always, for your feedback. The M6000 is rated at 250 Watts and would be acceptable in that respect in an R730. Dell seems willing to potentially configure a system as such; there is always the option of doing a pre-test and working with them for the certification.

No decisions have been made yet as to where we may head with GPUs, so still exploring options at this point.

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Hi - I made a blog to answer jmrich’s question - how can I know for sure - could you let me know if makes sense: