GRID on unsupported hardware


Currently ‘only’ having a HP Z820 running VMWare ESXi 6.0 available and an NVIDIA K2 card, i was hoping to be able to do some preliminairy testing with GRID.

It’s made very clear, and i know, that only a limited number of machines of some 6 vendors are officially supported, nevertheless; Would the above mentioned HP z820 theoretically be capable of running GRID?

Perhaps i may sound a bit hardheaded, but it would be great to be able to already get my hands wet, until the proper hardware arives.

On a side-note: Is it likely that the list of supported hardware is extended in the future? Or will there always be these rather stringent hardware-requirement unlikely to be found in the typical Desktop Workstation?


Many vendors supported, all the top selling platforms included, see the following site for the full list:
This continues to grow rapidly, check back frequently!

These are large PCI cards, double width, full length, full height, and passively cooled. Power availability is also important. They are designed for use in data center virtualization hosts, not something to force into an unsupported platform. They are meant for sharing across many virtual workstations.

  • Luke